10 Feb7 Steps To Effectively Paint A Home

7 easy steps to paint your home

7 steps to painting a home

Don’t you love to live in a neatly furnished house? The culture of furnishing a house can be traced in the early medieval times, and when the painting was not common then, the people who lived in those eras used beautiful artifacts and minerals such as gemstones, silver, and gold to make their house look attractive. Of course, this was a trend of a few; those who were very wealthy.

However, today making your house look amazing can simply be achieved by neatly painting your house with desirable color hues, which are not only presentable but also with a capability of complimenting your home’s décor by giving your house the desired color effects. But, how do you paint your house to achieve that?

Steps on how to paint a house


Painting a house looks demanding and a tiresome work, nevertheless, it can be fun if you follow these simple steps.

1) Plan your approach; this is the crucial part of any work. When painting an empty house there might be minimal planning needed, but if it is full of furniture, you need to decide whether to cover or move the furniture, when and where you will begin painting, any assistance you might need, the materials to use when painting, and colors to use.

2) Choose the right time to paint; you might be wondering what time has got to do with painting. Well, it would not be appropriate to paint the exterior of your house during the rainy season, would it? Moreover, very hot and cold temperatures are not conducive to painting and can ruin your work. Thus, consider painting your house in early autumn or late spring.

3) Clean the surface; you can begin this process by removing old defective paint that is chipped, loose, and blistered. This can be done by using a paint scraper, wire brush, or electric paint remover in case of heavy deposits of old paints. Afterwards, you can use a hose or a power washer and a wire brush to clean any stubborn dirt.

You should clean the surface from top-bottom and remember to be gentle to avoid damaging the surface as you clean it. Above that, make sure that the surface dries up before you begin painting.

4) Repair damaged surfaces; inspect the house and check if there any surfaces that might need some repairs. This is necessary as it gives your house a sleek surface look after the painting has been completed. Examine every area of your house from windows, doors, eaves, foundation, interior to exterior and make the necessary repairs.

5) Choose and estimate the amount paint you might need; you will probably need different color hues and paints for your house. Therefore, make appropriate choices for your house making sure that you pay close attention to quality.

Moreover, estimate the amount you might need. This is important as you will probably avoid the risk of going out of paint in the middle of your job. Also, it is important as you will know how much paint you need for your exterior and interior house parts as different color hues might be needed.

6) Prime the surface; this is important if you need your paint to last for long.

7) Start to paint; there are different approaches you might adopt when painting your house such as using a brush, a roller, and a spray. It is important to use a combination of two or more techniques for efficient results. This is because in some cases it might be difficult to paint or reach some areas with some approaches. However, when you combine two or more approaches, the work becomes easier.

  1. a)Begin with the sidings; to speed your work and get the bulkiness of it out of way, start painting the sidings from top to bottom as you follow the sun and remember to be cautious when using the ladder to avoid falling.
  1. b)Apply another coat; after the first coat of paint has dried up, apply another one to even the surface and provide stronger protection.
  1. c)Paint the trim; give your painting a professional look by painting the trim with a brush. To protect surfaces such as windows, doorknobs or any other, cover them.


By following these simple steps on how to paint a house, you will be able to make your house look great, above the paint being able to serve you for long. However, if you need professional work with satisfying results always seek the help of professionals. With post was sponsored by Connecticut House Painters

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