05 MarHow To Properly Do Siding As A Home Improvement Contractor

How To Do The Siding Of A Home As A Home Improvement Contractor

how to do the siding of a house

The siding of a home is very important. The siding of a home is what supports its exterior. Without siding, a home would be naked and very vulnerable to damage from weather conditions. Today, we’re covering exactly how you should do your siding with 3 easy tips.

Start With The Groundwork When Siding A Home

To determine the starting point for your siding, start by measuring a point on the wall (ideally, this should be the lowest point on the wall) and then use a chalk line to outline a level line all the way around the house – this will ensure you work along with a consistent position. You may have to plump some corners to keep them vertical.

Remove the fixtures, downspouts, and shutters

There are some materials that you can leave intact if the house is good shape; however, in the case of older homes, you may need to replace large sections of rotten wood, loose boards, and wood trim. If there’s planting close to the house, make sure to trim all shrubbery and trees, and check around doors and windows for old caulking.

Work with a friend

Get two ladders and a trusted friend and work your way around the house starting from the back heading toward the street. This is to make sure the seams are concealed and facing the backyard. When you come across a joint, it’s okay to overlap. Also, don’t forget to apply a weather resistant barrier over the sheathing.

In Conclusion

When going about siding with customers home make sure you follow the process put in place to make the homes siding easy and effective. Home improvement contractors such as http://www.finehomecontracting.com/ recommend that you create your own system in place to create a stunning siding project process.

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