23 MarUnderstanding The Cost Of A Commercial Painting Contractor

Commercial Painting Cost Breakdown

Commercial painting is quite different compared to typical residential painting. While we generally paint our houses to protect our home and enhance its outlook, commercial painting projects, on the other hand, come with different expectations altogether including longevity and performance of the space or building. For any business, it is important to entice, retain, and make customers comfortable in their establishments and even get them to spread the word around about it.

Today we will be going in depth on how much commercial painting costs.

Commercial Painting Has Become Important

Color plays an integral part both in the outlook of a commercial building and how the general public perceives it. It is for this reason that professional commercial painters are ever in demand.

Often, property owners are quick to criticize the high prices they are charged for a commercial painter. Nonetheless, while this is a common occurrence, it is generally an instance of the property owners lacking the complete understanding of what the entire project involves and the entire scope of the project. To help you get a better overview, here are some few things you should know about commercial painting.

# 1 Commercial Projects involve Contracts

Unlike residential painting, commercial painting estimates are usually quite detailed, comprehensive and even itemized. Professional painters usually outline comprehensive descriptions of all the basics including the workload, materials, plus any special provisions as per your request. As a result, such projects involve contracts. Contracts not only legitimize the project but also protect either party.

# 2 Licensing, Insurance, and Bonding

Licensing and Insurance are a must for any professional painter. And although most professional commercial painters will highlight this, you should make it upon yourself to verify it nonetheless.

# 3 Paint Color Consultation 

With commercial buildings, your choice of color influence how your clients respond to your brand. As a bonus, several painting contractors provide color consultation. With professional color consultation, not only do you get help with making tough color decisions but you also ultimately make the correct color decisions.

# 4 High-quality coatings and paintings

There are multiple and diverse grades of paints in the market. However, they are all not of standard quality. As such, professionals prefer to work with accredited brands from manufacturers with a good reputation and keep tabs with painting technology developments. By relying on proven manufacturers and brands, professional painters are able to not only prove authenticity but are also able to offer necessary documents to back their choice of paint products.

# 5 Warranties

Professional painters usually provide you with a solid warranty. And although this is not a guarantee of their ability to deliver, you may have to check out the reputation of your contractor, their experience, and customer reviews for surety.
# 6 Preparation, Protection of Property and overall workload process 
Painting a commercial space/business comes with unique challenges for painting contractors. For instance, in the case of refreshing an already established venture, it may not be the best thing to have painters within the premises during normal working hours, or maybe you want the job done during the night among many other considerations.

For commercial painters, working on such projects may at times mean a change of schedule in order to accommodate the requirements of a project. This may lead to night shift arrangement, very long work days and even odd hours in efforts to beat deadlines.

What’s more, preparation also means that the painters ensure full protection of the property. This can generally mean safeguarding of merchandise from getting paint overspray, surrounding the premise with drop clothes, the establishment of unique exhaust/ventilation systems to sort out potential fumes among other safety precautions.
Each project is unique especially with the requirements and as such, good painting contractors will usually work to oversee such issues and draft their estimates accordingly.

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